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Player Name: Kururu
Player Contact: [personal profile] kururu

Character Name: Alisaie Leveilleur
Character Account: [personal profile] corruptedcoil
Character Canon: Final Fantasy XIV AU.
Character History: Alisaie and Alphinaud - her twin brother - were born in the city of Sharlayan, and were seen as children prodigies - under their father and grandfather both. However, when they were both eleven, their grandfather - Louisoix - left for Eorzea with some of the smartest of the city. The Circle of Knowing. Alisaie could not figure out why, and when her and her brother turned 16, they both went to Eorzea for their own reasons. Alisaie wanted to discover the truth behind the death of her grandfather - who perished when the lesser moon broke open and unleashed Bahamut.

Though at first they were to travel together, Alisaie went off on her own after witnessing how the people of Eorzea seemed more worried about rallying each other then honouring those who perished. It is in this time that she became friends with a rogue wanderer, Ku Lu - a former Warrior of Light. (One of my OCs.) Together, they began to look into where the lesser moon - Dalamud - fell... and found there were entrances. Not only that, but as the main Scions and Warriors of Light took down Ultima Weapon, an entrance is found.

With a group of Scions, Ku Lu, and some other people, they ventured though the Coils - discovering that Bahamut was restoring due to dragons forced into immortality. And inside was her grandfather, having turned into a Primal due to prayers and the powers of Bahamut both. The heroes - along with Urianger (who in this AU, is an Ascian who desires Balance more then destruction and has abandoned the main group) and Alphinaud and also Alisaie - destroyed what could bring the Dreadwyrm back. But Primals are tricky things - they can be restored to life though prayer and crystals. Only one of the same can exist at a time, of course.

And so, after finding out the truth about her Grandfather and the Binding Coils of Bahamut, her and her twin were to keep it secret. Alphinaud, not being able to cope with this knowledge, let it spill to the Crystal Braves. This Was Not A Good Idea. Giving Ilberd the knowledge that Bahamut and Phoenix can be summoned? Probably as dangerous as when he got the Dragons' Eyes in-canon later on. And so - with the help of Urianger and knowledge of Iceheart - the two siblings decided that they had to take on this task to summon them into themselves. Urianger used his Ascian powers for good for once, good on him.

However, Alphinaud took Phoenix, the one which Alisaie would have desired. Her grandfather. Instead, she took on Bahamut into her very soul, corrupting her - and the two vanished to parts unknown, to be sealed away far from Man. (After the two of them going into a violent fight, of course.) Seperate, at that. She left the knowledge of how to find her to Ku Lu - because if the world is in danger again, why not trust one of the forgotten heroes? He's the only one she trusts now.

(Also, even before becoming a monster, she does look rather Au Ra-ish due to her corruption.)

Character Personality: As the twin sister to Alphinaud Leveilleur, Alisaie has a lot of traits seen in him - but also, contrasts with him a lot. They are both headstrong and smart. However, she feels she is smarter then him, and is very clearly more headstrong then him. For example, she was the one who continued observing in quiet during the events of 2.0, as her brother became more proactive - mostly because she felt it wasn't their place to meddle. Her thoughts on most of Eorzea are as cynical as her thoughts about people in general. People never appreciate what happens.

Deep down, her whole mindset comes from her Grandfather. She had a deep love for him before he sacrificed himself - and still holds it to this day. Though she may not realise it, she picked up the ability of wit from him, alongside her deep desires to assist people. However, as said above, she is one who prefers to assist from a distance - studying her foes before formulating plans to help take them down. Her knowledge on the world around her is still rather basic, however - for she is still learning of the world outside of being treated like a high class noble-esque lady.

Before her AU took place, she was slowly becoming more and more curious - though she was always curious, but that was more towards the Arcane Arts that her gifted Grimoire held - or other books she had been gifted or brought. Wearing her emotions on her sleeve, her frustration and anger at many things are visible. But so is her joy when things go well - after Coil and ending the threats there (before... AU happened...) she was almost crying in joy. Deep down, Alisaie is gentle hearted and somebody who desires to help lesser people. There's just a lot of cynic and salt over everything covering that.

But one thing you'll notice about the Bahamut-Alisaie Fusion - or Bahasaie, as I tend to call her - is that she has a lot of trust issues. After her brother told many of what happened? She doesn't feel anybody can be trustworthy. To get that trust will take a long time. Especially since she is more then aware that her powers could cause many to want to either enslave or use her, if she opens up to them. She is also more timid and wary in general, due to everything. A deep anger is held inside her, as well - for she does not just feel anger for everything that her brother did, but a deep-seated anger for Man in general.

Her wariness, however, extends to many things due to the strange dreams she has of being Bahamut in the Eras long ago, and a brood-sister who mourns. She is wary of anybody - for their intentions may be impure, and they may be influenced by wrong beings.

However, she also has some other dragon-esque thoughts and movements now. Thoughts of forgiveness rarely enter her mind - she can keep a grudge forever. She also has a hoarding instinct - but not for any object. No, she holds it for knowledge. If she is now Bahamut, and forced immortal due to her state? She can now research forever. Even if she still needs to find her way into the legendary Gubal Library...

Basically, her mind is slowly getting memories of being Bahamut, the actual dragon. But this process may or may not stop in-game. This second mind won't change her too much, it's more 'wow I suddenly know about the ancient past and Allag Are Dicks (tm)'.

Monster Assignment: Player Pick - Celestial.
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the two twins were corrupted during FCoB and didn't notice it until it was over - alphinerd became part phoenix and alisaie became part bahamut

basically she's like canon but part dragon and very moody because of it also lives in a nest


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